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Congratulations and Bravo to all YHS Band students on a beautiful performance at Wednesday’s Winter Concert!  Mrs Kluga is very proud of you all, both for your musicality and for working together to ensure our concert logistics went smoothly!

And, many thanks to the band parents who donated food items, or their time, to create our post-concert celebration.  Special thanks to Mrs. Serafin for coordinating the on-line donations.  What a special evening for our learning community!


Our newsletter is created by band students, to give our learning community an overview of the band events (so far) from our year together. Many, many thanks to all students who contributed articles, and especially to Senior Kaitlyn Nuebel for her hard work managing the layout and editing!  The newsletter is beautiful and is attached, in case you were not able to secure a copy at the concert.  Enjoy!


Was a great success!  Using a portion of the profit from this year’s Citrus Sale, we purchased over $200 worth of warm clothing, toiletries, toys and treats for our second grader, Ayden.   Thank you so much as well to the families who sent in extra gifts! The students and Mrs Kluga are so happy that we have this opportunity to give back.


All students are required to pick up their ENTIRE order in the YHS Band Room between the hours of 2:30 and 6:30pm.  See you then!

Thank you in advance to our many parent volunteers, and to those donating food items throughout the day.  Your help is so appreciated and so integral to the success of this very logistically intense event.  Special thanks to band parents Adriana Beaudreault and Teresa Ryan-Onatzevitch for organizing the parent volunteers and food donations!


Our next concert performance is Saturday 2/10/17 at 7:00, in the YHS GYM.  This is our 10th annual Swing Dance and Concert.  All YHS Band students are required to attend.  It is both a concert, and a dance, and everyone is invited!  (Yes, parents, you are invited!  Don’t let your student tell you otherwise J).  This is an eagerly anticipated, well-attended and fun evening for our entire Yorktown community (last year we had many senior citizens attend and enjoy the evening with us!).  More details to follow.