October is fundraising month in the YHS Music Department.  Each year, the YHS Bands and Orchestras each participate in regional music festivals.  Our fundraisers help students defray the cost of their participation, and part of the proceeds also benefit the YHS Music Boosters “general fund” which is used to cover chaperone costs and purchase items that benefit the entire program


The Citrus Sale is our largest fundraiser!  Last year we sold over 1,600 boxes of citrus fruit and made a PROFIT of over $20,000!  Please help us make this year’s sale even more successful!  Information will be distributed and reviewed in class this week, and is attached FYI.  As the sale benefits everyone, we ask that all band students please sell at least 5 boxes.  


As strange as it seems, this fundraiser is extremely successful with many repeat customers, because of the product’s quality, economy, and shelf-life.  The fruit is literally picked straight off the trees, loaded into a truck, and arrives at our school about 36 hours later.  Ms. Kluga purchase two large boxes each year for my little family, and we enjoy the citrus through February (I keep it in my garage).  Ms. Kluga also sends boxes via USPS as holiday gifts.  So, there’s Ms. Kluga’s sales pitch.  It really is a great product and a great fundraiser.  Ms. Kluga is happy to answer any questions!