Congratulations to the YHS Bands and Orchestras on a successful Citrus Sale!  After a month of selling and a week of sorting through and tabulating orders (A HUGE THANK YOU to all the parent volunteers! We could not do this without your help!) the results are in.  Thanks to all for your support!


CB Total Boxes Sold: 485 (461 boxes last year, 564 two years ago)

CB Total Pounds Sold: 10,560

CB Total Citrus Sold: $15,850 ($15,158 last year)

CB Total Profit: $6,230 ($5,699 last year)


WE Total Boxes Sold: 543 (588 boxes last year, 620 two years ago)

WE Total Pounds Sold: 11,800

WE Total Citrus Sold: $17,750 ($20,124 last year)

WE Total Profit: $6,985 ($7,555 last year)