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Congratulations and Bravo to all YHS Band students on a beautiful performance at Wednesday’s Winter Concert!  I am so very proud of you all, both for your musicality and for working together to ensure our concert logistics went smoothly!

And, many thanks to the band parents who donated food items, or their time, to create our post-concert celebration.  Special thanks to Mrs. Serafin and Mrs. Mohindra for coordinating the on-line donations.  What a special evening for our learning community!


Was a great success!  Using a portion of the profit from this year’s Citrus Sale, we purchased over $250 worth of warm clothing, toiletries, toys and treats for our pre-K student, Christopher.  Thank you so much as well to the families who sent in extra gifts! The students and I are so happy that we have this opportunity to give back.


All students are required to pick up their ENTIRE order in the YHS Band Room between the hours of 2:30 and 6:30pm.  See you then!

Thank you in advance to our many parent volunteers, and to those donating food items throughout the day.  Your help is so appreciated and so integral to the success of this very logistically intense event.  Special thanks to band parents Adriana Beaudreault, Laura Lee Milhaven, Reena Mohindra and Theresa Ryan-Onatzevitch for organizing the parent volunteers and food donations


Our next concert performance is Saturday 2/9/19 at 7:00, in the YHS GYM.  This is our 11th annual Swing Dance and Concert.  All YHS Band students are required to attend.  It is both a concert, and a dance, and everyone is invited!  (Yes, parents, you are invited!  Don’t let your student tell you otherwise J).  This is an eagerly anticipated, well-attended and fun evening for our entire Yorktown community (last year we had many senior citizens attend and enjoy the evening with us!).  More details to follow.

CONCERT DRESS (a.k.a “Concert Black”):

Concert dress requirements are clearly outlined below.

Photos of good examples of concert dress for ladies and gentlemen are attached.

A short video of appropriate concert dress can also be found here: http://www.yhsbands.com/concert-black/

*In particular, ladies’ skirts must fall below the knee.  Please wear black dress pants if you can’t find a skirt that falls below the knee*

If you have any additional questions, please let me know.


·       Black dress pants or LONG black skirt. LADIES, LONG MEANS YOUR SKIRT FALLS BELOW THE KNEE.  (no black jeans/jeggings/tights/yoga pants)

·       Black Blouse– longish sleeves (no sleeveless shirts or spaghetti straps)

·       Black stockings

·       Black Shoes (no flip flops)


·       Black Dress Pants (no black jeans/track pants/sweat pants)

·       Black, Button-Down, Long Sleeved Shirt

·       Black Socks

·       Black Shoes


Similar to NYSSMA, YHS Jazz Band students are eligible to audition for our Westchester All County Jazz Band.  Being selected is an elite musical honor and a fantastic opportunity to perform with some of Westchester’s most talented student jazz musicians!  Interested students should prepare a jazz solo, fill out an application and attend the audition.   Please see me for solo literature and an application. The application is DUE to me by Friday, 12/14.


The citrus delivery date is Monday 12/17. All students are required to pick up their ENTIRE order on this day.  Please mark your calendars!  Please note the pick-up time is from 2:30 – 7:00pm.  The start time of 2:30 will not disrupt the middle school buses.

WE ARE IN NEED OF PARENT & STUDENT VOLUNTEERS FROM 2:30 – 7:00pm to help students assemble and pick up their orders. Please see the e-mail from Mrs. Ryan-Onatzevitch for information on how to sign up.  Thank you!


A YHS Band tradition!  All band students are invited to attend.   Students will spread holiday cheer by caroling around the businesses of Yorktown Center.  Students will meet at ACME @ 1:30PM. Bring your instrument, lyre and dress warmly (and festively!).  Music will be provided.   Interested students should sign up in the band room.  Afterwards all band students will head to the diner – please bring money to buy yourself a snack. Questions?  Please contact me.