Our Concert Band Six Flags Festival trip is this Saturday!  Students are asked to report to YHS at 6:00am, wearing their YHS Band polo, long black pants (please no yoga pants, sweat pants, or leggings) and black shoes.  Students are welcome to bring a change of bottoms/shoes for our time in the park.  The band polo must be worn all day.

PLEASE PACK YOUR STUDENT A BAGGED LUNCH, WATER, AND SNACKS FOR THE BUS. We will use our meal voucher for dinner in the park. G, PG, or PG-13 DVD’s are also welcome for our bus rides.

Our itinerary, expectation sheet, and medical form were distributed last week in class.  Please return these forms, and a Xerox of your medical insurance card by this Wednesday 5/8. They are attached if you need them.

Our chaperones are:

YHS Staff – Ms. Kluga and Mr. Laber

Parents – Mrs. Beaudreault, Mrs. Florio, Mrs. Merlini, Mrs. Townes